Serving and assisting our youth to realize their potential and become successful adults.

We Are The Jule Foundation

The Jule Foundation (Jule) is a two-fold organization that strives to promote excellence and success of the youth. Beginning at the Junior High School level, Jule helps to foster the success of its participants by creating an environment outside of their normal education and development to focus on educational enrichment and mentoring with individuals and community leaders who look like them. Our main goal is to provide a unique set of experiences tailored to each new cohort that provides them with the support they need to be success in their futures, whatever future they decide.

Students' Testimonials

This is a thumbnail of smiling girl from the Jule foundation.


Tresoir Newson
"There's more to life than just Bloomington. Seeing different things (on the Atlanta trip) was just fun"

This is a picture of a smiling boy from the Jule Foundation


Jamar Cain
"Most of my life I've been only to Illinois and Indiana. I got to see a lot on this trip. I saw the university, the people were friendly. "

A group of kids from the Jule Foundation taking a picture with Aundrey Hursey and Usher


We provide services aim towards networking opportunities and enhancing academic performance for our students.

Events & Trips

Because of your generosity our students have been able to attend numerous trips and events.

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